About Ittella

Welcome to Ittella Foods! We’re a family run company, offering a wide range of delicious dishes. Creating home cooked meals right to your dinner table.

Food nerds to the core, we bring you trending items that are surfacing the culinary world and that satiate all palates. We produce classic dishes and comfort items with a unique twist. Whether it be mac and cheese with a Cheeto topping or that pasta dish our mothers used to make us when we were sick.

At Ittella, we focus on the symphony and amalgamation of flavors that are texturally mouth-watering, a flavor bomb on your plate. Everyone eats with his or her eyes, so we wanted to be sure, that our food not only tastes yummy, but looks yummy too. Instagramable you might say!

At Ittella we make food that we love to cook, want to eat, and then share with you. We care about customization and can develop anything anyone is looking for, a personal stamp and specialty for each dish. We focus on high quality ingredients and feel that less is more, like the way you would cook at home. Oh and did we mention we make everything by hand!

At Ittella, we’re passionate about the food that is inspired by our adventures. So come on this adventure with us and try us out!